Islam and Cannibalism


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shalom: Bibi wins!!!!!!!! :D Apr 9, 2019 18:51:14 GMT -5
PrisonerOfHope: Chief Blackcloud - Well, whenever he has a new series I post the entire thing in order here. It's in the References & Resources portion of the Apostasy forum. Apr 20, 2019 23:57:15 GMT -5
schwartzie: Happy Resurrection Day, everyone! :D Apr 21, 2019 15:17:30 GMT -5
J.J.Gibbs: Thanks schwartzie! He is risen! Apr 21, 2019 17:32:53 GMT -5
Shoshanna: Happy Easter everybody! Apr 21, 2019 20:43:48 GMT -5
PrisonerOfHope: Reminder - No prophecy update from JD today! Happy Resurrection Day, everyone! Apr 21, 2019 21:20:28 GMT -5
schwartzie: For the fools who think it's OK to post links to your drug selling websites, get lost! You people have no shame; the Bible speaks of lost, hell-bound people like you. (Rev 9:21) Your post will be removed and you will be blocked. May 10, 2019 16:06:45 GMT -5
schwartzie: Happy Mother's Day to you moms and furmoms! :D May 12, 2019 12:02:30 GMT -5
schwartzie: For "Janet" of WestMedSuppy who asked to join, I suggest you read the "Before You Join the Board" thread. We've had our fill of phonies who try to post ads for their drugs here. Request DENIED. May 24, 2019 15:55:16 GMT -5 *
schwartzie: Thank you to our military and veterans. :) God bless you! May 24, 2019 16:33:51 GMT -5
PrisonerOfHope: Thanks, Schwartzie. Those fools need to get saved and get a life! >:( May 24, 2019 17:10:42 GMT -5
PrisonerOfHope: Please keep our military & veterans in prayer, especially those suffering from depression & PTSD and those who are suicidal. If you see a soldier or veteran, thank them for their service - they always appreciate it! :) May 24, 2019 17:11:46 GMT -5
schwartzie: Wow, Janet had the nerve to come back and try to peddle her non-prescription painkillers again! User name, email addy, ISP, and global ID are all BANNED! :D May 27, 2019 18:06:13 GMT -5 *
PrisonerOfHope: A moron who calls himself udohuoeb just posted a link to his drugs. Go take an overdose dirtbag - you are BANNED! Jun 5, 2019 0:53:17 GMT -5
PrisonerOfHope: And another one - aocecan. Go join your buddy in the Lake of Fire - I'm sick and tired of you scum! Jun 5, 2019 0:56:18 GMT -5
PrisonerOfHope: You dirtbags come here again and you'll be reported to the authorities for illegal drug sales; I have your ISP addresses. Get saved and get a life - you're on the fast track to hell! Jun 5, 2019 0:56:41 GMT -5 *
Midnight: If you find a website you think is illegally selling human drugs, animal drugs, medical devices, biological products, foods, dietary supplements or cosmetics over the Web, report them to the FDA. I'll send you the form via PM. :) Jun 5, 2019 2:55:53 GMT -5
Midnight: I agree, these people are the scum of the earth! Jun 5, 2019 2:56:16 GMT -5
PurplePuppy: Happy Father's Day to the dads out there. :) Jun 16, 2019 23:16:36 GMT -5
Berean: Well, the day is almost over (where did the weekend go?), but I hope you dads had a good day! Jun 17, 2019 0:02:36 GMT -5
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