Drive-by Pumpkin Attack: Woman Rushed To Hospital


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bloodbought: I love Robin Williams too. I've lost respect for Mike Hoggard, as he and a bunch of other self-righteous preachers said Robin is in hell. And how do they know that? Aug 15, 2014 19:40:32 GMT -3
bloodbought: They don't know what happened in the last few seconds of Robin's life! Aug 15, 2014 19:40:51 GMT -3
baydoll: That's horrible! Who are they to judge someone else's eternal destiny? I agree with you that there is no way they know what was in Robin's heart the last moments of his life. I would really like to see Robin in heaven one day. Aug 16, 2014 8:28:43 GMT -3 *
Destiny: I can't stand those self-righteous prigs who are almost gleeful when they announce they "know" a particular person is in hell! >:( I guess they think no one is going to be in heaven but them. Ugh! Aug 16, 2014 22:33:20 GMT -3
emortimer: I wish medical pot was legal in TX...I hate this....pain and everyone yelling about peple taking pain pills makes it hard for us to get help....then again it is making me want surgery even more Aug 27, 2014 10:37:31 GMT -3
PrisonerOfHope: Praying for you emo - hang in there; we're going home SOON! Aug 28, 2014 0:32:41 GMT -3
PrisonerOfHope: Hey everyone - time is running out to vote for Baby Ziggy! Come on - support a great cause! :) Aug 28, 2014 0:33:13 GMT -3
baydoll: Sorry to hear you're having all these problems, Emo. I'm praying for you. Like Arlene said, hang in there! We'll be going Home soon!!! Aug 28, 2014 10:00:53 GMT -3 *
Catherine: This comes from someone who has spent countless hours researching the heaven and hell visitations. I've also read most of the rebuttals and this is all I have to say: On most every skeptic's comment, Didn't need to read much cos your arguments are LAME!, Aug 29, 2014 13:52:08 GMT -3
PrisonerOfHope: Catherine, it sounds like you need to read the Bible - particularly the part about NOT ADDING TO THE WORD. Aug 29, 2014 15:07:10 GMT -3
baydoll: According to Paul in 2 Cor. 12:4 on his trip in heaven, he heard things there he wasn't allowed to repeat. Obviously, then, a person cannot visit heaven and describe whatever he sees and hears there. What makes these people more special than Paul? Aug 30, 2014 10:37:09 GMT -3 *
baydoll: I really want to know! Aug 30, 2014 10:39:21 GMT -3
PrisonerOfHope: Catherine & all the pulpit pimp fans don't care about the TRUTH - they just want their ears tickled. It's likely many of them will never see the REAL heaven. :( Aug 30, 2014 13:53:36 GMT -3
PrisonerOfHope: Reminder - if you don't like the default background, please register and you can then choose from 20+ different choices with all kinds of themes & colors. Aug 31, 2014 16:13:22 GMT -3
schwartzie: I guess according to Catherine, the Word of God is lame and she feels free to ignore any part of it she wishes. Pathetic! Aug 31, 2014 16:14:17 GMT -3
J.J.Gibbs: There's a good teaching on "heaven tourism" in part 4 of the Reformation Montana videos I posted. :) Sept 1, 2014 1:49:26 GMT -3
baydoll: Thanks, J. J. I look forward to seeing them! And welcome aboard! :) Sept 1, 2014 10:07:53 GMT -3 *
PrisonerOfHope: I doubt we'll see Catherine again; her kind don't have a love of the truth and don't stick around. The fact that the wacky sites have thousands of hits a day tells you a lot about the state of the (Laodicean) church today. It's all about tickling ears. Sept 1, 2014 15:28:39 GMT -3
kathyincolorado: Hi! My life has taken yet another turn. Please pray for DH. Hope everyone is well. Kathy Sept 2, 2014 9:56:28 GMT -3
PrisonerOfHope: Praying for you and DH, Kathy. Hang in there - God is in control! Sept 2, 2014 16:15:20 GMT -3
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