Drive-by Pumpkin Attack: Woman Rushed To Hospital


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PurplePuppy: Summergirl, first of all, have you ever seen a video of a demon-possessed person? They're very, very, VERY strong, so yes, a person indwelt by Satan can do incredible feats regardless of age. Jul 17, 2015 3:23:10 GMT -3
PurplePuppy: As for his "magnifying himself above other gods," go to this website and read the part where popes have declared themselves to be god: Jul 17, 2015 3:24:32 GMT -3
PurplePuppy: And it's pretty obvious that he, like many Catholic clergy, is most likely homosexual and a pedophile. There are videos here about witnesses who have seen him abusing children. Jul 17, 2015 3:26:07 GMT -3
PurplePuppy: Watch the videos bloodbought posts; it's looking more and more like Frankie is the AC. Jul 17, 2015 3:27:19 GMT -3
Summergirl-not-logged-in: Agreed about demonically possessed being stronger than normal; agreed this Pope is possibly a homosexual, agreed that many of the priests are perverts, agreed that the massess seem to idolize him. All of this is no big surprise. Jul 17, 2015 21:04:22 GMT -3
Dagvelia: And I think we all would agree even if we think it is or might be pope Frankie. We wouldn't say that we know it is. Jul 17, 2015 21:39:30 GMT -3
J.J.Gibbs: I agree, Dagvelia - it may seem obvious to us who the AC is, but we can't be dogmatic about it. For all we know, God will raise up someone currently unknown to fulfill His purposes. Jul 18, 2015 16:44:19 GMT -3
PrisonerOfHope: How you feeling, Dagvelia? Jul 20, 2015 6:00:34 GMT -3
PrisonerOfHope: And where are Emo and baydoll? Jul 20, 2015 6:01:05 GMT -3
Dagvelia: @prisoner. Much better, thank you. Go back to work in another week. I'm going stir crazy. Still won't be up and running at 100% for three more weeks so that puts me at about 30 to 40% now. lol. Jul 20, 2015 7:05:41 GMT -3
PrisonerOfHope: :) Jul 21, 2015 14:23:10 GMT -3
schwartzie: Hey everyone, If you see any posts from wackos like the guy who claimed he was an angel, please report them. (There's a button for that.) They're obviously in the wrong place! Thanks. Jul 24, 2015 18:45:57 GMT -3
PrisonerOfHope: A "resurrected" angel, no less. (sigh) And it's not even a full moon... :-/ Jul 24, 2015 19:50:53 GMT -3 *
Dagvelia: I sure was hoping for a response then I was going to report them. I'd be waiting along time obviously. Lol. Jul 24, 2015 22:19:36 GMT -3
Dagvelia: Question: If Bruce (Katlyn) Jenner, or how ever you spell his name, came up missing would they put his picture on a half & half container? Jul 24, 2015 22:21:45 GMT -3
PrisonerOfHope: (rofl) Jul 24, 2015 22:39:04 GMT -3
J.J.Gibbs: Good one, Dag! Jul 25, 2015 1:56:55 GMT -3
PurplePuppy: Hey, anyone here from the area the Jade Helm exercises are being conducted in? If you have news, can you please let us know? You can post in the Jul 28, 2015 16:54:27 GMT -3
PurplePuppy: "See Anything Interesting" thread without having to register! :) Jul 28, 2015 16:55:02 GMT -3
Dagvelia: I'd like to know too. There's all sorts of "garbage" about it on YouTube. People with their own opinions labeled as fact. I'd like evidence and sources to back the "facts" up. Jul 28, 2015 18:14:02 GMT -3
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