Drive-by Pumpkin Attack: Woman Rushed To Hospital


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Summergirl-not-logged-in: Well, I knew I lived in a mythical world all my own, but to miss SEVEN quakes? True, I don't take a paper and seldom watch the false media, but I never felt a quake and still have to look it up on the internet. I did see on that Jun 4, 2015 20:12:09 GMT -3
Summergirl-not-logged-in: there is some disturbance in this Northwest, but me, I am apparently non-shakable. lol Jun 4, 2015 20:12:46 GMT -3
Summergirl-not-logged-in: Oh, and thank you, Shoshanna, for your comment. Today, after 4 long, tedious days, I was able to get the last of 5 FIVE week old kittens, and they are with their mommy, in Foster. Two babies went in the trap together, and I pulled the string. Jun 4, 2015 20:15:16 GMT -3
Summergirl-not-logged-in: Could not trap them otherwise, as if they saw me approach, they were back under the crawlspace of the house. So, rigged up a long twine, hid around a corner, put the wet food HALFWAY in the middle of the trap, they were too light to set it off, Jun 4, 2015 20:16:32 GMT -3
Summergirl-not-logged-in: and that strategy worked. These last two had been without mommy for almost 4 whole days.. and were ready to eat. Jun 4, 2015 20:17:07 GMT -3
Dagvelia: So, I have seen some videos on pastor Steven Anderson and what I saw I thought was pretty good. Then I saw more and have decided he's about a half a bubble off. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Jun 4, 2015 21:11:41 GMT -3
PurplePuppy: Good job, Summergirl! Jun 5, 2015 3:11:08 GMT -3
PurplePuppy: Dagvelia - Not familiar with him. Can you post some of the videos? Jun 5, 2015 3:11:28 GMT -3
Dagvelia: I'll post some later, PurplePuppy. It was a vid of him calling Paul Washer a heretic that threw the red flag for me. Jun 5, 2015 8:57:53 GMT -3
J.J.Gibbs: Summergirl, I'm sure the Lord appreciates your caring for His precious creatures; I believe He loves them even more than we do. God bless. :) Jun 7, 2015 3:44:49 GMT -3
summergirl-not-logged-in: Thanks Purple Puppy and J.J.... He does, I am positive, love all His creation, and must be very disappointed in mankind's treatment of it. Not ALL mankind, of course. Jun 8, 2015 15:06:24 GMT -3
CitizenOfHeaven: June 26, 2015: The day America finally died, thanks to five fools who have the hubris to think they can overrule God's eternal laws. Come quickly, Lord, and get us out of here! Jun 26, 2015 15:45:10 GMT -3
schwartzie: America - Land of the not-so-free; home of the depraved. Jun 26, 2015 23:27:52 GMT -3
Summergirl: Yes, Jun 27, 2015 14:06:41 GMT -3
Summergirl: 'Home of the depraved' ... but...look at it this way, we are in the End Times, and this is one of the most dramatic signs being revealed to us, as in the days of Noah, Lot; we need to overlook the perversion, because it is foretold for this time and season Jun 27, 2015 14:08:03 GMT -3
Summergirl: And...ISIS is another woeful sign, such barbarism surpasses even the Roman times, which were gory in their own right. ISIS has taken over completely in heathen cruelty and torture. Why don't the nations of the free world go in and bomb them to dust? Jun 27, 2015 14:11:11 GMT -3
Summergirl: This world as we knew it, (I think of the movie "State Fair") is long gone and never will be again. Jun 27, 2015 14:12:55 GMT -3
Shoshanna: I can't wait to hear tomorrow's prophecy updates. Should be very interesting. Jun 27, 2015 15:56:45 GMT -3
PrisonerOfHope: Can't be soon enough as far as I'm concerned... :-/ Jun 27, 2015 22:25:11 GMT -3
Summergirl-not logged in again: well, prisoner of hope, let me be the first to say that with ISIS and with the economy and with Obama outdoing even Caesar's dictatorship, plus signs in the sky, weather, quakes, and the most telling of all, the sodomizing of America, it will be soon. Jul 2, 2015 20:52:05 GMT -3
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