One of America’s Largest Banks Is on Verge of Collapsing


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songbird: I have fiber optic, and it's been ridiculously slow all day! Aug 15, 2023 21:59:27 GMT -5
shalom: I've also had problems with it being slow, especially on YouTube videos. Aug 16, 2023 17:27:17 GMT -5
ExquisiteGerbil: Well, today it's been problems with the phone - it won't send any pictures. They're definitely playing around with the systems... Aug 19, 2023 3:25:14 GMT -5
bloodbought: Leilani, are you OK? Are you on Maui? Aug 19, 2023 19:55:09 GMT -5
ExquisiteGerbil: I think she's on Oahu? Aug 21, 2023 3:22:13 GMT -5
leilani: Aloha everyone! I'm fine. I'm on the Big Island. We've had some wildfires, but nothing out of the ordinary. Please pray for the survivors on Maui - I can't imagine trying to find the charred bodies of people I love! 😢 Aug 21, 2023 16:44:35 GMT -5
shalom: Where is everyone today? Aug 22, 2023 20:45:53 GMT -5
schwartzie: Hi Shalom - I went to see Oppenheimer. I didn't realize it was 3 hours long! :o Aug 22, 2023 21:08:16 GMT -5
PrisonerOfHope: I guess people are enjoying the last days of summer - and maybe the last days before it all hits the fan. 🤷‍♀️ Aug 23, 2023 0:25:37 GMT -5
maybetoday: I find I start to do something, and next thing I know it's 4-5 hours later! That's why I've been posting so late - time is disappearing! Aug 23, 2023 2:00:13 GMT -5
J.J.Gibbs: John Haller is speaking at a prophecy conference this weekend so there's no update from him. Aug 27, 2023 21:37:03 GMT -5
ExquisiteGerbil: Nothing from "Nothing But the News" today. Sept 12, 2023 2:48:16 GMT -5
maybetoday: Warning - the board keeps going down. Comes back after a while, then goes down again. Sept 28, 2023 1:38:27 GMT -5
PrisonerOfHope: I'm having the same problem - just lost a post when I hit submit. I'll catch up on "Here's Your Sign" tomorrow - I don't want to risk losing a long post. Sept 28, 2023 1:53:02 GMT -5
ExquisiteGerbil: Intermittent problems again today. Very unusual for this provider. Sept 28, 2023 14:33:40 GMT -5
schwartzie: It's very odd; problems don't usually persist for more than a half hour. I tried to log on a little while ago and got the angry bear page. Sept 28, 2023 16:14:07 GMT -5
Honoria: It keeps crashing my browser! Sept 28, 2023 19:03:10 GMT -5
shalom: This is ridiculous - when I try to submit a post it goes to the angry bear page! Very frustrating! Sept 29, 2023 18:26:22 GMT -5
shalom: I give up - it takes 2-3 attempts to make a post and you lose it in between tries. It's a slow day on news from Israel anyway because of Sukkot. Have a blessed Feast of Tabernacles everyone. Sept 29, 2023 18:30:38 GMT -5
schwartzie: Well, I didn't have a problem with the site earlier, but a house down the block caught fire and we lost power for a few hours. Let's see what happens if I try posting again... Sept 29, 2023 20:09:45 GMT -5
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