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Jim La Marca: In other words, you don't want to hear any opinions that conflict with yours. Is that right? Jun 12, 2024 17:46:20 GMT -5
PrisonerOfHope: No Jim, that's NOT right. We do not permit anything that's contrary to biblical truth. In a world where the majority of professing Christians are false converts and the church is pretty much apostate, our mission is to expose false teachers, false prophets Jun 12, 2024 21:27:50 GMT -5 *
PrisonerOfHope: and false doctrine as well as the blasphemies and heresies that are rampant among those who claim to be Christians in these last days. We aim to bring people to the Lord if they're not saved, or closer to Him if they are, and point out errors that are Jun 12, 2024 21:35:16 GMT -5
PrisonerOfHope: detrimental to their spiritual health. Unfortunately most end times sites are rife with sensationalism, idle speculation, false prophecies, and forbidden practices, which are not permitted here except to expose them for what they are. If you Jun 12, 2024 21:36:41 GMT -5 *
PrisonerOfHope: have a problem with the promotion of biblical truth and exposing the false practices and errors which unfortunately are very popular in today's professing church, I suggest you take it up with the Lord, because you have some serious issues. Jun 12, 2024 21:37:23 GMT -5 *
PrisonerOfHope: Incidentally, before you question my qualifications to discern false doctrine and heresy vs biblical truth, I have a Masters in Bible Studies from one of the country's leading, biblically sound seminaries. If you don't like our rules here, there are many Jun 12, 2024 21:53:21 GMT -5 *
PrisonerOfHope: boards out there where you can indulge yourself with false prophecies, heresies, and blasphemies to your heart's content all day long. Jun 13, 2024 3:31:00 GMT -5
ExquisiteGerbil: I'm not posting Wretched Watchman's update today. He's off on one of his "politics are a waste of time and a distraction" rants. He really should stick to the subjects he's good at! Jun 19, 2024 2:20:01 GMT -5
J.J.Gibbs: There's no prophecy update from John Haller today. Jun 23, 2024 22:12:15 GMT -5
PrisonerOfHope: I posted this in the tread about anti-Semitism, but I'll also post it here for those who don't read that thread. There was an incident on a beach in Sarasota, FL yesterday, not far from Charlie Gerrett's (The Superior Word) home. The gentleman relating the Jun 24, 2024 0:10:56 GMT -5
PrisonerOfHope: incident is Sergio, who is a completed Jew. Jun 24, 2024 0:11:09 GMT -5
PrisonerOfHope: youtu.be/QxGyBZalzfg Jun 24, 2024 0:11:11 GMT -5
ExquisiteGerbil: I didn't post NY Prepper - his updates were very, very long. Ain't nobody got time for that! Jun 24, 2024 2:16:51 GMT -5
J.J.Gibbs: It looks like John Haller didn't do a prophecy update today. Jun 30, 2024 17:28:17 GMT -5
ExquisiteGerbil: I'm not posting Wretched Watchman's video tonight - he's off on another of his "don't bother voting it's all theater rants." Why other ministries have him as a guest is beyond me. He needs to stick to topics like New Age. Jul 7, 2024 1:50:41 GMT -5
J.J.Gibbs: I started to watch him, EG, but couldn't take it. He's a young guy who thinks he knows a lot more than he actually does. I agree - he needs to stick with what he knows and has researched, not spout off his political opinions. I don't care for him much. Jul 7, 2024 20:07:22 GMT -5 *
J.J.Gibbs: Actually, even on the topics he's researched, Billy Crone is a far, far better source of info. Jul 7, 2024 20:08:30 GMT -5
PrisonerOfHope: I looked in on JD Farag. Sadly, he's doing the same. Jack Hibbs has the best, most balanced position on politics. Jul 8, 2024 0:57:45 GMT -5
shalom: I don't know what's up with TV7, but instead of 2-3 programs a day they've been doing only 1 every few days for the last couple of weeks. Jul 15, 2024 22:37:40 GMT -5
ExquisiteGerbil: Wretched Watching is having a Trump hate fest tonight. I didn't bother watching, and I won't post his video. He needs to stay away from politics! Jul 23, 2024 22:45:39 GMT -5
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