Snap-happy pet takes close-up photos of other dogs in park


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PrisonerOfHope: JJ - 50 degrees here today! The little pond is mostly unfrozen, and the fish have come out of hibernation! :D Feb 2, 2019 1:12:21 GMT -5
schwartzie: Almost 70° over the weekend!:D Feb 4, 2019 16:25:10 GMT -5
PurplePuppy: Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! :D Feb 14, 2019 18:04:30 GMT -5 Hi John, I saw this quote: "The purpose of Celebrate Recovery is to recover your true SHAPE. But ." on your site, but couldn't find your commentary. I have a critical update for you on both CR and Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life, Just need your email Feb 23, 2019 11:15:06 GMT -5
Berean: Looks like a slow day today. Is everyone snowed in or underwater? Feb 25, 2019 22:34:49 GMT -5
PrisonerOfHope: Berean, Sun came out yesterday for the first time in over a week! Sometimes we just have slow days on the board, but you and I are here, so we know everyone hasn't been raptured! :D The West Coast people usually come by later. Feb 26, 2019 1:16:18 GMT -5
PurplePuppy: For you animal lovers, I don't know what's going on, but I'm not seeing many funny animal videos in my subscription feed. :( I miss seeing them; goes to show you how much they add to our lives! Hopefully it's just a temporary thing. Mar 3, 2019 21:36:14 GMT -5
bloodbought: Same here, Puppy. I usually get a bunch in my subscriptions, but there were none at all today. :( Makes you realize all the more how precious they are, and how much joy they bring. Mar 4, 2019 1:13:29 GMT -5
maybetoday: I noticed a decrease in them as well! I wonder what's going on - they're always so popular! Well, I found a new channel and subscribed to it. :) Mar 4, 2019 15:02:59 GMT -5
PrisonerOfHope: No prophecy update from JD Farag this week! :| Apr 1, 2019 0:29:40 GMT -5
maybetoday: Cliffhanger on the Israeli elections - looks like both sides are declaring victory! May God's will be done. Apr 9, 2019 16:58:12 GMT -5
schwartzie: We should know the results in less than half an hour. I'm all for Bibi, but we know that ultimately God chooses leaders to fulfil His purposes. May His will be done - I trust Him to do what's best. Apr 9, 2019 17:43:35 GMT -5
schwartzie: Both sides claiming victory as of right now! Apr 9, 2019 18:19:25 GMT -5
CHIEF BLACKCLOUD: Does ANYBODY have a logical sequence to watch the gazillion messages Dr. Tarsitano has on YouTube. I sure would like to watch them in order. Apr 9, 2019 18:29:56 GMT -5
shalom: Bibi wins!!!!!!!! :D Apr 9, 2019 18:51:14 GMT -5
PrisonerOfHope: Chief Blackcloud - Well, whenever he has a new series I post the entire thing in order here. It's in the References & Resources portion of the Apostasy forum. Apr 20, 2019 23:57:15 GMT -5
schwartzie: Happy Resurrection Day, everyone! :D Apr 21, 2019 15:17:30 GMT -5
J.J.Gibbs: Thanks schwartzie! He is risen! Apr 21, 2019 17:32:53 GMT -5
Shoshanna: Happy Easter everybody! Apr 21, 2019 20:43:48 GMT -5
PrisonerOfHope: Reminder - No prophecy update from JD today! Happy Resurrection Day, everyone! Apr 21, 2019 21:20:28 GMT -5
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