Why people think "Christians" are crazy (Willam Tapley)


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Berean: It's interesting how both TV7 and HisChannel have discontinued daily news updates. Are they hiding something or ? Jul 13, 2021 23:37:58 GMT -5
shalom: TV7 hasn't done a news report or a commentary in a week now. The only video was this one from three days ago, which is a prayer meeting: youtu.be/GAnIdv0ZaL8 Jul 14, 2021 17:47:34 GMT -5
shalom: TV7 News & Jerusalem Studio is on production break until August 1: www.tv7israelnews.com/calendar/july-august-vacation/ Jul 17, 2021 21:13:32 GMT -5
Radar: Hey everyone, a source from Exxon said there's going to be a big spike in gas prices tomorrow (Monday). Just to be on the safe side, top off your tank today! (Sunday) Jul 25, 2021 2:14:02 GMT -5
USMC Ministries : Every please understand Believer are the True Israelites Believers in Jesus Christ are the Chosen People Please Stop focusing on US and Israel relationship Many Non Profit Christian Jewish Organization Do NOT Preach Jesus Christ to the people serve Jul 28, 2021 14:37:04 GMT -5
PrisonerOfHope: @usmc Ministries - You are obviously a subscriber to the dangerous heresy of replacement theology, which misrepresents the character of God. Admittedly, not all "Christian/Jewish" organizations preach Jesus to the Jews as they should, because they adhere Jul 29, 2021 0:38:54 GMT -5
PrisonerOfHope: to the heresy of Dual Covenant Theology. The Jews are - and always will be - God's Chosen People. He made an eternal covenant with them, and if He could break His promises to Israel, then He could also break His promises to the Church. I suggest you study Jul 29, 2021 0:40:21 GMT -5
PrisonerOfHope: your Bible - you can start with this: www.thescribesportion.com/dangerous-heresy-replacement-theology/ Jul 29, 2021 0:40:43 GMT -5
PrisonerOfHope: For Jon Sow & the other fools who think this is a place to advertise your crummy bakery,you've been reported to a service that tracks spammers. For another, be assured we will leave LOUSY reviews for your products everywhere we can. GROW UP! Aug 11, 2021 4:59:11 GMT -5
Frank M. NJ: I agree! I thought the states' mandates that prohibited collective worship, regardless of size, was an abuse of power and unconstitutional. And I didn't like most churches supporting those governor's "laws", but to restrict worship of those in Christ? Aug 17, 2021 14:32:51 GMT -5
Midnight: Frank, Prohibiting people from gathering to worship is a clear violation of the First Amendment! When governments try to supersede God's law, it's God's law that takes precedence. Aug 19, 2021 5:18:33 GMT -5
PrisonerOfHope: You'll notice the comments left by the fool who tried to defend the current evil administration are gone, as is he - BANNED! Aug 19, 2021 15:14:44 GMT -5
Midnight: For fans of The Two Preachers, I believe they're in YouTube jail. :( Sept 18, 2021 2:11:12 GMT -5
J.J.Gibbs: John Haller is on vacation - no prophecy update this week. :( Sept 19, 2021 11:32:28 GMT -5
Belén: Is anyone familiar with Troy Black? I saw some of his videos but I wonder if he's really hearing from God or not. Oct 9, 2021 12:00:09 GMT -5
PrisonerOfHope: Hi Belén: God speaks to us today through His Word; these people who claim to have new messages and revelations are at best coming up with things out of their own imaginations, or, at worst, paying heed to familiar spirits who are impersonating as "god." Oct 10, 2021 0:10:51 GMT -5
PrisonerOfHope: Another possibility is they're on the schizophrenic spectrum and are hearing voices; the most common delusion among schizophrenics is that "god" is speaking to them. Here are two videos for you: www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIuaswsivLU Oct 10, 2021 0:12:51 GMT -5
PrisonerOfHope: youtu.be/FWN9wT9EoAM Oct 10, 2021 0:13:42 GMT -5
leilani: JD Farag is taking a couple of weeks off, so there's no prophecy update from him today. Sermons are from his asst. pastor who said he doesn't do prophecy updates. Oct 10, 2021 23:39:39 GMT -5
leilani: Well, hopefully JD will be back next week; no prophecy update again! Oct 17, 2021 20:21:01 GMT -5
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